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Google Shopping Ads for eCommerce Stores

Google Shopping ads take Google Adwords Search to a whole new level- Searchers will see a photo of your product, product name, price, your store name, and more.

Despite its exceptional ability to generate in-store sales and boost website traffic, Google Shopping is a resource few eCommerce retailers use. But, with a properly optimized Google Shopping campaign, you can easily bring in more business and beat your competition.


Essentially, Google Shopping is an advertising platform where you can display your products and services as an image-based advert. These can appear at the top of Google SERPs, which can be an incredibly effective means of promoting your products feed to both local and global audiences alike. This can swiftly deliver huge sales for your business which you might otherwise be missing out on, especially considering the feature is overlooked by most retailers.


But Google Shopping is not just for online businesses. With the right choice of advert, offline businesses operating from a physical address can also use Google Shopping adverts to increase footfall and bring in ready-to-buy customers.


Simply put, you need to invest in Google Shopping if you want to boost your revenue.


Google Shopping effectively operates as an online storefront, letting you connect your products with the right customers via targeted ads. It delivers maximum exposure for any business simply because it advertises your products on Google – the world’s most used search engine. By not using Google Shopping, you risk missing out as, according to research, 85% of all product searches start either on Google or Amazon. In other words, advertising physically through print catalogs or print adverts is no longer an effective means of reaching customers, even for offline businesses.


Fortunately, Google Shopping is easy to use. When users search on the platform, Google picks from relevant products uploaded to its database and places ads at the top of the search results. These ads show can show the user a lot of information including an image of the product, its description, prices, and the retailer’s name. By clicking on the advert, the user will be sent to your eCommerce website.


This is one of Google Shopping’s key drivers of website traffic, but the platform can also significantly help physical-only retailers. Certain advert types can be optimized to display the store’s opening hours, address, and full product catalog. This gives the customer everything they need at their fingertips at the exact moment they are ready to buy.

Use Google Shopping campaigns to:

  • Promote your online inventory and catalog
  • Boost traffic to your website and improve brand awareness
  •  Find better qualified traffic ready to buy

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS To help you make the most informed decision, here are common questions customers ask us about Google Shoppting Ads. More questions? Scroll down, fill out the form, and just ask.

What is Google Shopping?

Google Shopping is an online marketplace that lets retailers connect their eCommerce store directly into Google’s search engine. Products feeds are uploaded to the Google Merchant Center database including product descriptions, pricing, stock levels, ISBNs etc. Then, when a user searches on Google for a product, the search engine filters through everything in the database to present the user with the most relevant results. These are shown in the form of listing ads which link direct to the retailer’s eCommerce store.


By uploading multiple products, retailers can appear multiple times in Google SERPs, with Google Shopping ads found to have significantly higher conversion rates than traditional text-based adverts. To use Google Shopping, businesses need both a Google Ads account and a Merchant Center Account as it is a branch of Google AdWords.


We can optimize every aspect of your adverts to unlock the most of your Google Shopping products. Our experts will make sure your adverts campaigns are the best they can be to boost your website traffic, generate reliable leads, and increase sales.

What are the Types of Google Ads Shopping Ads?

Retailers have access to three types of Google Shopping ads. The first and most common is the Product Shopping ad. These are created based on the data you feed into your Merchant Center account, meaning you do not need to manually create a unique ad for every product you sell. Product Shopping ads contain an image, product title, price, and links to your eCommerce store or business name, and can appear on Google Shopping, Search, Images, or Search Partners.


Another option is to use Showcase Shopping ads, which are created by grouping together related products. This gives the user the ability to compare multiple relevant products your business sells with ease. Showcase ads are an excellent way of introducing your brand and products in one simplified ad whilst targeting users searching for generic categories or terms like “shoes”.


Lastly, Local Catalog (or Local Inventory) ads act like a virtual storefront, giving the user the ability to see your in-store product catalog. These ads also include opening times and directions to your physical store address, making them useful for bringing in more physical sales for your business.


Supercharge your business with our Shopping Ads mananged  by Google Shopping experts. We will actively manage and optimize your shopping campaigns for a maximum return on investment.

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