I am an independent Digital Marketing Consultant. I hold a BSc degree in Electrical Engineering & Post Grad in Web Development and over 12 years of experience in the digital marketing world.
Acer Alhashimi

As an independent digital marketing consultant, I’m a highly skilled strategist with a 360-degree view of the digital marketing landscape and a relentless focus on results. I have a proven track record of working with clients ranging from small businesses to large corporations, digital marketing agencies, charities, and government departments. I excel in designing and executing data-driven digital marketing strategies that drive record-high ROI and scalability for businesses.

I am passionate about digital marketing and I’m on a mission to revolutionize the marketing function with marketing intelligence, leveraging advanced technologies and cutting-edge tactics to help businesses achieve their growth objectives.

My expertise has helped bridge the gap between data, IT, and business decision-making, and I have experience communicating with all levels of an organization. I have been involved in a wide range of projects, including GA audits, e-commerce, auditing Google Ads campaigns, social media traffic performance, and technical SEO.


My MarTech Stack